Silo Cleaning

Silo Pipe Cleaning

Silo cleaning has a tendency to be put to the back of the queue; put off until the necessity is overwhelming, therefore causing problems such as build-up of material, infestation and lost bin capacity.

Insect activity within silos is a constant risk and therefore regular cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of insect activity within silos which results in product contamination.

In addition to deep cleaning, Thermokleen offer an unique heat treatment to eradicate insect infestations, including all stages of the insect life cycle without the use of chemicals.

Silo cleaning can be undertaken on either a schedule basis or ‘as and when’ required. If you decide to use our services, we can also offer you a recommended silo cleaning schedule. For larger companies we can offer a 12 month package which will allow you to plan and schedule silo cleaning on a more regular basis, enabling specific silo cleaning in a specific period and ensuring a fixed amount payable each month, as already implemented with some of our customers.

Any infestation, damage or repairs required found in the silo whilst cleaning will be reported immediately to the relevant customer representative. On completion of work, a full detailed report of the condition and finding will be issued for each silo cleaned; these are particularly useful for audit trails and inspections.

We also clean tanks, pipes, chambers, flues and dust extraction units.

See some before and after photos of the effectiveness our work.

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